Welcome to the world of Shaggadelic Productions-

I am a surfer who films, I have been blessed with the opportunity to travel the world with my friends and document there journey and all the sick waves and goodtimes that happen along the way.
I will do my best to keep you entertained and give you an insight into my friends and my life.

"Heart of the Sea" trailer

added 02/Sep/2015

Filming and Multimedia Packages

added 22/Jul/2014

Personal Filmer

added 22/Jul/2014

Filming and Multimedia Packages

added 22/Jul/2014


A Brief History on one of the best waves in the World ! At the moment we risk to lose it ! #savekirra THIS IS THE LINK TO THE PETITION TO OPPOSE THE DEVELOPMENT PLEASE SIGN TO SUPPORT THANK YOU change.org/petitions/save-our-southern-beaches-alliance-to-oppose-a-cruise-ship-terminal-for-the-bilinga-north-kirra-area

added 07/Jan/2014

Keramas Night Surf Challenge

added 25/Nov/2013

Sunrise Blessing

Russ Corowa morning blessing at Froggies

added 02/Sep/2013

Komune Diaries - Day 4

Mitch Parkinson Visits Keramas

added 29/Dec/2012

Komune Diaries - Day 3

Night Surfing with The Mad Hueys

added 18/Dec/2012

Komune Diaries - Day 1

added 15/Nov/2012


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